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Rates & Reservations

Alaska Boat Charter


Adult $160 plus tax
Youth $95 plus tax (17 &under)
Children must be at least 5 years of age to go on the cruise.



For further information, please call (907) 463-2509 or 1-800-228-3875 or e-mail us at


The blue marker is the office, the red marker is the departure point. For a larger map, click the square in the top right corner.

Departure Times

Vessels do not wait for late passengers. No refund for late passengers. Check your boarding pass for the time you need to be on board.

Departure Times:
  • Board Boats at 8:15 AM.

Boats return to town around 6:00 PM.
Cruises depart daily from Marine Park. See map above for more detail.

On-Board Payments

Unfortunately, we can only accept cash for on-board purchases. We cannot accept credit card payments as we are unable to connect to our credit card processor from our boat.

Custom Charters

The Adventure Bound and other vessels are available for custom planned private charters. Prices vary, please call for details. Kayak transport available. Food, beverages, and gifts on board at reasonable prices.

Ticket Office

Our office is located downtown at 76 Egan Drive, across from the 4 Points Sheraton Hotel. See map above for more detail.

Our Office


Parking is available near the boat for $5 or $7.50 per day. On weekends and holidays, parking is available on the street.