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About the Adventure Bound

Safety First!

Our vessels are United States Coast Guard inspected. They are equipped with long range radios, emergency beacons, Sonar, Radar, GPS and inflatable lifesaving equipment. Steven Weber, owner and operator, has over 35 years experience and is a licensed U.S. Merchant Marine officer.

Concern for the Environment

We comply with Federal regulations regarding waste management and wildlife viewing. Wildlife viewing is done with careful consideration for the animals.


Our heated cabins are fully enclosed with cushioned seating. To ensure the comfort of every guest aboard, we do not overbook our cruises. Any number of guests may enjoy our full walk-around outside deck.

Food and Drink

Food is available for purchase on board, and guests are welcome to bring their own. Prices are fair, not added to your fare and called “free”. Sandwiches are made fresh for you by your deckhands. Choose from ham or turkey, with lettuce, tomato, swiss or cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, or mustard on a hoagie roll. Your deckhand would be happy to make a sandwich for you without meat and add in extra cheese or vegetables. We have fresh brewed coffee, hot cocoa, tea, soda, and water. Also choose from a variety of potato chips, candy, and crackers. We recommend that guests who are vegetarian, vegan, or have special diets bring their own food.

Online booking calendar for 2022 season will open as of January 2022.
Please return as of January 1, 2022 for available dates and online reservations.

Check out our Instagram linked below for photos and videos from the boat.
Feel free to DM or email any questions.

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Parking is available at The Downtown Shoppers Lot and Transportation Center for $6 cash on weekdays. Weekends and holidays are free of charge. Located on the corner of Main St and Egan Dr. Take a left on Main Street and another immediate left into the open parking lot.

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