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5 Reasons to Have a Fall Adventure in Alaska

There is a different vibe to Alaska in the fall. This time of year is usually a little less cold than it is in the winter but cooler than it is in summer. But there are many other reasons why you may find fall to be the perfect time to plan your cruise and to visit us here in Alaska. These are our top 5 reasons to Visit Alaska in the fall. We promise you will love it here just as much as you will any other time of the year.

  • Locals travel in the fall, so there are fewer crowds: So you are not in love with the idea of traveling here and making your way through throngs of tourists. If you are not, then fall is an ideal time to visit us here in Alaska and to take your cruise. This time of year crowds tend to dissipate and locals take the opportunity to hit the road to see Alaska’s natural beauties such as its National Parks, fjords, and glaciers.
  • There foliage is amazing: During the fall in Alaska the foliage is still in bloom and one can witness riverside mosses, berry patches, vivid green landscape and underbrush as they begin to change into spectacular autumn colors. In other words, the sights here in fall are truly picture-worthy.
  • The weather is beautiful: As we said, the weather here during the fall is usually not as severe as it is in winter. This means that you can spend more time up and about on deck mingling with the passengers and crew.
  • Wildlife viewing: Moose, goats, caribou, and muskoxen usually choose the fall in which to make an appearance in order to mate which they do in open areas. Bears also frequent berry patches and snatch salmon from streams during this time of year. Finally, fall is a prime time to view beluga whales that migrate along the west coast.
  • The Northern Lights: The Northern lights are easier to view as Alaska experiences 24 hours of day light in the summer and just as much night time in the fall. The lights are truly a spectacle to behold and are often called the best light show that nature provides.

Yes, booking a cruise in Tracy Arm inlet in Alaska during the fall will quickly dispel the notion that many who have not visited Alaska believe —- that Alaska has only one climate. A cruise in the Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska will let you bear witness to all kinds of topography and all kinds of animal life and vegetation before they recede for the winter.