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5 Ways to Share Your Cruise Photos with Friends and Family

Sharing vacation photos is much easier than it used to be. People no longer have to coax their friends and neighbors to their homes, pull out their old slide projector and begin recalling their vacation photos to a captive audience. Today, you can share your cruise experience with friends and family in a way that is convenient to everyone – online. Here are our five suggestions for how you can share your Alaska Cruise with loved ones.

  • Dropbox: This Google product is full of rich features for people who wish to create photo albums. All one has to do is to use his/her Google account to gain access to Dropbox and create sharable links to friends and family so that they can see the content of these private folders. Moreover, Dropbox comes with plenty of storage – 2GB free – so that you can share and store literally thousands of photos.
  • Facebook: The great thing about Facebook is that nearly all of your friends and family are probably already using the world’s most popular social media site. There, you also have the ability to either publicly or privately share your cruise pics with others. You can also allow friends and others to comment on or like your photos.
  • Your own travel blog: Perhaps you want to take total control over how and where your photos are displayed and at the same time share a journal of your travels in the Tracy Arm inlet in Alaska. If you do, then why not create a travel blog? On it you can post videos, journal entries, photos, etc., and let a much wider audience view your photos. Additionally, blogs are very easy to set up and maintain and you can always find great hosting deals online.
  • Instagram: Instagram is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and is especially designed for people who wish to upload in-the-moment photos of themselves, places they are currently visiting, their meals, etc. Just be sure to tag your photos with a location or hashtag so that your follows can more easily sort through the images of your trip.
  • Photo hosting sites: Sites like, Snapfish, and Pinterest are all especially designed to allow users to tell a story with photos. Additionally, some of these sites also provide photo printing services in case you want to send someone you love a tangible memento of your travels.

Whichever way you choose to share your photos with friends and family, we are sure that you will want to capture every moment of your exciting outward bound Alaska cruise. Your friends will be excited to see our state’s ice mountains and glaciers as well as its wildlife and its flora.