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How to Plan for an Alaskan Cruise

How to Plan for an Alaskan Cruise

The one thing that we’ve learned from our customers is that taking an Alaskan cruise is on the bucket list of a great many people. However, it takes more than dreaming to achieve this. Some degree of planning is involved in order to get the most enjoyment possible from our exciting cruise in the Tracy Arm Fjord. So, prepare to cross “Alaskan cruise” off your bucket list by following these five tips. 

  • Go online to our home page and look at the size of our cruise ships: Sometimes smaller is better. You may desire to book a trip on a smaller trip since they are better able to pass through narrow inlets. On the other hand, you may desire a bigger vessel since they tend to have more scheduled activities.
  • Prepare your wardrobe: When visiting Alaska it is all about dressing in layers. Dressing in layers protects you from the cold while giving you the option to remove certain garments if you become too warm. Excursion clothing you should consider packing include a warm coat, a warm hat, gloves, a scarf, a long sleeve top, etc.
  • Choose a cruise itinerary that fits your needs: Look at the routes the ship will take and determine if the length of the cruise and the destinations it will travel to will fit your needs. Also, be sure that you ask about the start and end points of our cruises so that you can plan your transportation to and from the ship.
  • Prepare to take plenty of pictures: The scenery of the fjord is beautiful and the blue glaciers there stunning. You will more than likely want to capture the beauty of this once in a lifetime trip by taking as many pictures as you can. This way you will have memories that will last and you will be able to show off your pictures to friends and family via social media.
  • Set your wildlife expectations properly: Animals are unpredictable and do not abide by our schedules. Thus, you may not see all the wildlife you expect to see on any Alaskan cruise. The wildlife that you do observe may expose themselves at unexpected moments.

If you are planning an Alaska cruise, we hope these tips will help give you an idea of what you can expect. Our outward bound Alaska cruise is full of fun and adventure and you can truly make your journey memorable by using the above tips to stay comfortable the entire time you are in our hands. 

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