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The Wildlife of Tracy Arm Alaska

Alaska has long been known for its pristine wilderness, unfragmented land masses, its sturdy people and most of all its thrilling wildlife. In fact, many of the people who travel to Tracy arm Alaska find things to do just by watching and photographing the many native species here. Our cruises will give you ample opportunities to view animals that are unique to Tracy arm and to Alaska. Here are just a few that you might see on your cruise.

  • Dall’s Sheep: This non-migratory sheep is highly sensitive to environmental changes including harsh weather events. Unfortunately, they are highly prized by hunters outside of the national park system where they are protected by law.
  • Bears: Alaska is home to three species of bear: Polar bears, Brown bears and Black bears. Polar bears spend much of their time either near ice or the water. They are more often seen in wilderness areas than in parks or national preserves. Brown bears – which are closely related to grizzly bears – are plentiful in the coastal regions of the state. Finally, Black bears are the smallest of the bear species that can be found in Alaska.
  • Moose: Moose can weigh up to 1,400 pounds and generally live close to forested areas, lakes and marshes. As they migrate for calving, rutting, etc., they can cover as much as 60 miles. Finally, moose tend to be very large, fast and dangerous during their rut which runs from September to October.
  • Eagles and other birds: Nearly half of North America’s eagle population lives in Alaska. Other bird species here include Peregrine Falcons, Black Oystercatchers, Common Murres and Thick-billed Murres, Marbled Murrelet, and Horned Puffins and Tufted Puffins.
  • Whales: Alaska is home to several whale species including humpback, killer whales, Beluga whales and the gray whale to name just a few. Here in Alaska’s orcas, or killer whales and humpbacks are the two whale species that are most commonly seen here in Tracy Arm and attract many visitors here yearly.

So you see. Our cruises have much to offer nature enthusiasts who are here to reconnect with the outdoors. Moreover, the Tracy arm glacier map provides insight into where certain species are likely to be found. So, we invite the sturdiest amongst you to join us on one of our cruises before they are all booked up. Bring a camera and a love for the outdoors.