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Alaska Cruise Tips for the Best Vacation Ever!

“North to Alaska go north the rush is on,” ~ Johnny Horton.

More than a century ago people went to Alaska to find gold. Most never did find this highly coveted, yellow mineral. Today, many people go to Alaska to find one thing that is never in shortage here – adventure. So, if you are someone who is planning an outward bound Alaskan cruise with us, know that they are different than regular cruises in tropical locations. Planning for them takes a whole different mindset. Here are some tips for planning your Alaskan cruise and making it the best vacation ever.

  • Don’t pack for summer: As we said, prepping for an Alaskan cruise is quite different than packing for your average, warm weather cruise.Be sure to pack a winter coat, a raincoat, hat and gloves. Also, consider packing a small power strip, travel clock and eye drops.
  • Plan your cruise as early as you can: There are a lot of adventure seekers out there. We recommend you book your cruise as soon as possible. This will help ensure you get a spot and get one at that best price for you.
  • Pick your cruise line wisely: The cruise ship and line you choose does make a difference in your overall experience. Our crew and captain can help you enjoy you experience by pointing out the many sights there are to see on your cruse such as calving glaciers, miles of untouched wilderness, whales and orcas.
  • Bring good binoculars and a camera: Alaska is rich with wildlife you will want to see. We recommend that you pay for a good pair of binocular and a camera for your inland excursion or when you witness the whales, orcas, dolphins and sea lions abound in Alaskan water.
  • Buy from Alaskan-owned stores: Tourism is a critical part of the Alaskan economy. While you are here consider shopping in locally owned stores that say “Alaska family owned” etc

Finally, don’t let anyone tell you there are no more worlds left to explore. Alaska is not called “The Last Frontier” for nothing. There is plenty of unspoiled beauty that one has to see to believe. There is wildlife here that is allowed to exist unmolested by mankind. Do yourself a favor and take one of our tours of Tracy Arm. We guarantee to provide you with an experience unlike any you have ever known.