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Snow Photography Tips

We are confident that you will want to preserve images and perhaps even video of the scenery on our unforgettable glacier and fjord cruise. It is that beautiful and unique. From the imposing ice mountains of the region, to large blue glaciers and ice cliffs to the wildlife that inhabit the area, it is quite a sight to behold. But photographing against a backdrop of whiteness can be a bit challenging for beginners. So, the tips in this article are designed to help you get some great photos while you are here in Tracy Arm, and at the same time keep your camera safe.

  • Dress warmly and wear waterproof clothes: Often people will get excited when trying to capture the unspoiled loveliness of the region and forget the conditions here. If one is not careful, one can quickly lose heat in snowy conditions. Wrap up tightly and dress in layers while you are here.
  • Use the correct exposures:  The all-white, sterile canvass of the area is bound to confuse your camera and have you guessing which settings to choose for each shot. So as not to overpower your camera’s light meter, set your camera to manual then adjust according to each individual shot.
  • Keep your batteries warm: Cold batteries do not last long. Store extra batteries in a warm place and be ready to make a quick switch as the scenery here can change rapidly.
  • Experiment with shutter speed: By varying shutter speed you can capture some truly unique shots. For example, by increasing your shutter speed you can capture falling snow.
  • Shoot in Raw: If you have an older camera try shooting in RAW. This format is far easier to edit than JPEGs. The file sizes may be bigger on average than JPEG, which are more condensed, but it will be worth it when it comes to editing your pictures.
  • Slightly overexpose your images for whiter snow: Give your photos a little more light to compensate for the blue tint or grey features that snow can contain. If you believe you have gone too far in this, you can also edit things in the darkroom later.

There you have it. These tips will hopefully help you take better pictures of Tracy Arm while you are on our adventure bound vacation in Alaska. This way you can forever cherish all the Tracy Arm Alaska things to do there are on our cruise.